There may be a Yellow and a Red to go along with Miss Blue Ivy Carter; that’s right Pop icon Beyoncé is expecting not one but two kids as she revealed to the world her baby bump Wednesday February 1st.  That afternoon Knowles announced on her Instagram page a scandalous photo of herself baring it all announcing how happy herself and husband Jay-Z were about the news. Knowles said “we have been blessed two times over”. “We are incredibly grateful that our family will be growing by two” says Knowles. After the announcement the media went frantic with mixed emotions. It has been nearly 5 years since the power couple blessed the world with Blue Ivy and now all of America waits in excitement.  Many of Knowles’ fans wonder if the new editions could possibly be the next Donny and Marie, Bebe and CeCe, or even Beyoncé and Solange.  After Stunning fans and all of America, Knowles then proceeded to flood her website with pregnancy photos leaving the Beyhive gagging for more. The pop star posed in the most memorable photo wearing a bra and panty set, sheer vail all in a faded floral background. In some photos Knowles posed nude and others showed Blue Ivy kissing her mother’s bump. All social media outlets would then go in a frantic spell.


After the Huge announcement, social media skyrocketed. According to the New York times The announcement broke the Instagram record for the most liked post, and 500,000 tweets were unleashed in 45 minutes. Critics and fans blew up the different outlets expressing their opinions of the matter. Actress Laverne cox tweeted immediately as well as DJ Khalid, Ne-Yo, and Ryan Seacrest all congratulating the singer on the news. Other corporations even jumped in on the twitter rave. World renown fast food restaurants Popeye’s and Denny’s chimed in.” She has TWO biscuits in the oven? We’ve got a lifetime membership to Popeye’s for both of them” said the restaurant. While half the media was praising the singer on her news, other reporters and critiques tried to turn the news into a political statement. Knowles’ major announcement interrupted the new President’s dominated news cycle. According to NY Daily News, fans turned the announcement into a distraction regarding Trump’s cabinet. The tweets were referencing how Trump’s cabinet is consumed of only two African Americans. Bruno Major tweeted “There are more black people inside Beyoncé right now than in Donald Trump’s entire cabinet”.  Funny how a pregnancy announcement makes breaking news.


On the other side of things, some celebrities became jealous or put under the radar after Knowles’ big reveal. Days prior, Singer Pharrell and his wife announced the birth of their newborn triplets. News sites were all excited to report on the matter until Knowles came forward with the news. Pharrell was no longer relevant. Also R&B singer Ciara along with NFL superstar Russell Wilson were making headlines about their pregnancy reveal, but once again Knowles’ news swept all media sites making the couple quickly die down in the media. The last time the media made a big deal out of a pregnancy reveal was when Pop legend Janet Jackson announced being pregnant last year at the age of 50.  According to inquisitr Jackson’s pregnancy was a crisis exposed. Although these celebrities got coverage on their news. Knowles is the only one to headline main news stories, news sites, and break records on social media. She is also the only celebrity to announce a pregnancy in which it overpowers the current president’s stance in the media. The entire situation is still trending unlike other news stories.


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As I close I think that it is great for Beyoncé and Jay-Z to be bringing in two more Carters. I feel like it was a smart move to wait until Blue Ivy grew up some before adding new editions. I also feel that it was smart for Knowles to make new albums and dominate her world tour before having to slow down. It is amazing to see how one person could dominate the news and make the POTUS become irrelevant. It is also ironic how one year later after Knowles’ political related performance at the super bowl, she’s still being brought up as a political statement. It makes me wonder, should Beyoncé be the next to run for president with all that is going on now, what’s to lose? After this situation I feel that it just shows how iconic and how big of an impact Beyoncé is to society. To have this many mixed opinions to break records in less than 24 hours is rare. I personally can’t wait to see the debut of the Carter twins because I feel that the media will attack the issue once again. I guess rapper Lil Wayne saw this coming since he named his newest album Carter V.