The year 2016 brought a lot of dramatic situations in the music industry. Between a plethoras of comebacks from artist who haven’t been seen since the 90s to different media situations affecting singers and vocalists 2016 has been an impactful year for all genres. In the video we discuss our personal top three music situations that occurred this year.  We chose an incident that involved two sisters having top of the chart debuting albums and how the media played a role in their success. We also talked about how the media played a racial impact on one sister in particularly. The second case involved a major comeback from an artist who has been under the radar talking about making an album for the longest bust never did so until now. We informed our audience on the media’s reactions prior to releasing the music and afterwards. Lastly we talked about a scandalous incident going on in the life of a popular soul singer who has been on the scene for a while now. We ended our video paying homage to other artists who came back for performances or albums this year.