There are a lot of ways in which the media plays in health topics especially when it comes to diseases that affect African American and Homosexual communities.  Numerous commercials and news reports flood the television when it comes to certain cancers, common illnesses, and nationwide illness such as Ebola however; when it comes to diseases such as HIV and Sickle Cell the media gets quiet.  Nearly two million individuals are impacted by sickle cell disease and nearly 1.2 million people are infected with HIV. Both illnesses are known to affect both the African American community and the LGBT community but they get no media action.

There are certain times in the year where the media jumps on the health issues. In October and December you’ll see more advertisements regarding free testing for HIV and encouraging ads to get tested.   Those months are considered HIV awareness months so the media will chose to focus on tactics for preventing it and testimonials that will make people want to get tested. Mostly LGBT stations such as Logo broadcast such advertisements but other main sources leave it alone.  Sickle Cell however is barely advertised in the media, and if it is it’s advertised along with St. Joseph as it is an organization that treats sick children with caners or other diseases such as sickle cell.  With this being a sickness that only impacts African Americans, news sources and other types of media won’t really talk about it which is nothing new. Anything that may affect black people is never really shown in the media. That goes for anything that affects the LGBT community; both communities are looked down upon and never get the media attention like other races and communities do.