Next time you’re due for a phone upgrade, you might want to think first before you get a Samsung, because here lately a plethora of Samsung phones have been causing heat in the technology world, literally. The Samsung note 7 and galaxy edge have been suspiciously catching on fire causing great danger for Samsung users. Large batches of these phones have been mysteriously catching on fire while charging and sometimes while in the pockets of customers.  One man is now in a wheelchair ever since his galaxy edge exploded in his jean pocket. The explosion cause major burns and leg deformation.  Others have nearly burned themselves while charging the phones.  After thirty five reported incidents, Samsung had to put a recall out on those specified phones that caused damage.  Nearly 1 million of the almost 2.5 million manufactured products were collected. Ever since the incidents were reported, it is said that the amount of explosions and burns have quadrupled.


Samsung and the PR team made cautious reviews to help better they’re customers.  First they quickly reached out to government agencies and all mobile providers. They rushed to stop sales immediately and they chose to send out replacements to show their customers that Samsung cares.  Although the gesture was nice, reports came back to Samsung saying that the replacement phones were catching on fire as well.  The PR team rushed on the issue again. This time they tried making efforts to refund customers and the main goal was to protect the image of Samsung while keeping all customer concerns intact.


A similar situation would be when grocery stores across the US put a recall out for ground chuck and certain types of red meat due to mad cow disease.  Another similar situation that involves Samsung directly is when they had to put a recall on their top load washing machines.  34 of these machines were reported giving impact injuries. The main differences are it’s a washer machine instead of a phone, and also so far there haven’t been any life threatening injuries. The washers also don’t seem to be causing any types of burns. Samsung is still pursuing the issues


In my opinion Samsung did the appropriate thing in order to keep the company’s name and image clean. I feel that the ones who actually built the phones could have done a better job and taken more time to make sure the product was buy-able.  The PR  team treated its customers with respect and I like how they gave them options so that they would remain Samsung costumers. I feel that they could have done more like provide a cash award especially for those who were burned and had injuries.