During the summer of 2016, Disney released the new rendition of the 1967 film Jungle Book.  Unlike the original animated and cartoon version, the 2016 film gave a realistic aspect using props and effects that looked like real animals. Just weeks ago Disney released an announcement with the upcoming 2017 debut of the remake of Disney classics The Lion King and Beauty and the Beast; this time, no cartoons, real actors, effects that look like real animals and live action.  Disney wants to give their audience a chance to relive classics made in previous decades and give them a more realistic aspect.  Disney’s advertising and public relations team is trying to reach not only kids but make their product relatable for those who grew up on these classic films.  They are trying to find ways to increase sales and make old classics new again and trending.


The public relations team chose films to remake based on sales that happened back when the originals were made.  They also decided to choose films that could be remade in a way that looks realistic and could be presented in IMAX and 3D. The team also wanted to incorporate actors that you would typically see in a modern day film so when the advertisements were made, people would plan to come. The PR team did not want to choose films that weren’t relatable such as Mary Poppins, Lady and the Tramp, or Robin Hood because not a lot of the audience would be familiar. Since they were originally made in decade’s way older. Disney plans also plans to remake other 90s classics and early 2000 remakes. The PR team decided to do polls in order to see which films people would like to see reinvented in the future. Their goal is to make their brand not only kid friendly but people perfect.


In comparison, Disney did a remake to 101 Dalmatians in 1996. Instead of doing an animation Disney used actors such as Glen Close and Hugh Laurie to make sales go skyrocket.  Disney also remade Cinderella twice. One with the help of Roger and Hammerstein in the form of a musical starring Brandy, Whoopi Goldberg and Whitney Houston and then in 2015 it was remade again starring Lily James and Richard Madden. One can also compare the remake of Alice in wonderland with Johnny Depp.  In contrast Disney remade the 1961 film Parent Trap. This film was not animated and it wasn’t really familiar to the audience when it was created however; the choice to use actress Lindsey Lohan made people want to watch. It was a risk because the original Parent Trap was not a big hit in the 60s.  Lastly other films were turned into sequels to revamp the original concept. Examples of this were seen in the Toy Story 2 and 3, 102 Dalmatians, and Mulan 2.  Other examples of non animated films include Santa clause 2 and 3.


In my opinion I feel that Disney is doing great trying to reach more than just a child based audience. By saying that, the different graphics used in the remakes   are very realistic and I often wonder if it is too much for children. In the future I think Disney should poll all of the US so that we can put in our input. I think it would be nice to see the Aristocats or Winnie the Pooh remade just to see what else Disney has to offer. Lastly I feel that the PR team chose a wonderful movie to remake by doing the Lion King because it’s probably one of the best animated films from my childhood.