Since late August, different NC cities and surrounding areas have been terrorized and bothered by Clowns; yes that’s right clowns. First seen as a joke gone wrong; now has become a major issue which has brought fear unto children and parents. Suspects are dressing up in full clown attire and sneaking in the woods during the night time intentionally trying to snatch up or frighten children and teens. Since the late summer there have been nearly half a dozen reports of clown sighting tying to 3 major NC Cities of Greenville, Winston Salem and Greensboro. Three clown incidents that have struck the media include the following; a group of clowns who appeared at a school bus stop and chased the children in the woods.  Another incident; Last Sunday in Winston Salem a man dressed as a clown was spotted luring children in the woods for treats. Lastly an innocent man spotted a clown in Greensboro and pursued to chase the clown with a machete in order to stop the clown terror. Authorities are currently in awe; whenever receiving a call about the issue they are in disbelieve. Authorities and other journalists are now wondering if this is a series of pranks to promote Stephen King’s hit movie IT or what.


The media and the different police in the areas have been playing a joint effort in this whole clown situation. In most of these cases, when the police arrive the clowns are nowhere to be seen which makes them suspicious. The news teams basically follow the police’s instinct; if they feel it isn’t an issue then the news backs off.  In the more life threatening cases the media has flooded everyone with alerts to be on the lookout and be aware of your surroundings. News teams in Macon Georgia did an article and showcase after the reported incident of kids being chased at the bus stop. Police and the media tied the case to another incident that took place in Georgia in which Duplin citizens spotted three clowns just sitting in the middle of Georgia State University parking lot. A major pattern in these cases is if it doesn’t really cause concern with the police then the media will back off. If the incidents involve harming others especially kids, then stories are made and broadcasted on television. Local NC news teams have not been reacting like the citizens would like; they feel like the issue isn’t being taken seriously. News teams and police are however making a huge deal if a clown is reported to be seen but it was only done as a joke. A few people have in fact been arrested and later showcased on the news if he or she falsely reported a clown incident.


Other situations that can compare include the incident that happened in LaGrange Georgia, in which a group of clowns were reported hiding in a van in the woods trying to talk to kids. This same issue led to the investigation of threats being made to abduct kids from the local middle school.  The main objective in all of the cases seems to be targeting kids.  Another incident very similar involves the man in Fleetwood South Carolina who was seen looking in various apartments; he was soon arrested. In all of the cases the media has played the same role, they follow the police’s instincts. They only broadcast what the police feel needs to be shared. Also the media has not repeated any stories, once it airs they don’t revisit any of the situations; again this goes back to the clowns running at the scene once cops arrive.


In my opinion I don’t think its right to target innocent children. Everyone knows that children are vulnerable and it only takes a little to lure kids; their attention springs on excitement and they love treats. I believe that the police and the media aren’t really taking this issue serious enough. Although no kids have been physically hurt, no one has the right to attack kids, it’s just not right. In my opinion there should be more police patrolling the parks and neighborhoods, they should also stop portraying the issue as a joke. I also feel that parents should set curfews for their kids to eliminate victims for clowns to prey on. It would also help if parents or some type of guardian was at the bus stops waiting on the kids so that clowns can’t just appear and chase them into the woods. It’s more of a group effort to stop these situations from occurring. If parents, police and the media work together, these clowns might go away; they’ll realize that these jokes aren’t funny; they are cruel to the innocent people who live in these various cities. Who would have thought that in 2016, we would be bothered by terrorizing clowns?